Neotect is Kansai Altan Boya's brand in the field of "Protective Coatings". Our Neotect branded products were presented to our customers for the first time in 2017. In particular, our newly developed high solids primer and topcoat products have gained acclaim in a short time.

Thanks to our new user-friendly packaging, we are happy to provide our customers with the opportunity to save time and waste materials/packaging with liter-based fillings that are accepted in the market.

Kansai Altan

Kansai Altan is one of the largest industrial coatings manufacturers in Turkey, operating in Izmir on an area of 110,000 m2 , with more than 1,000 employees and a coating production capacity of 90,000 tons. A significant portion of the polymer requirement, which is the main input of coating production, is also produced in the polymer production facility with a capacity of 32.000 tons located in the same residential area. Kansai Altan produced over 60,000 tons of coatings in 2020.

As a company with high technological competence and high research curiosity, around 3.3% of resources are allocated to research and development activities, well above the usual values in the coatings industry.

Kansai Altan aims to connect its customers with the innovative technologies they need and to keep them competitive and assertive in their own operations, both in terms of performance and cost. The technical support process, which starts with product and application advice, extends to after sales and realizes the philosophy of development and growth together.

Kansai Altan is a partnership of Kansai Paint, one of the world's largest coating companies.

Kansai Paint

Founded in 1918, Kansai Paint is Japan's largest coatings manufacturer and fastest growing company. The company is one of the world's leading coatings manufacturers with a turnover of nearly USD 4 billion and nearly 16,500 employees.

The products offered to the market with a holistic approach by the group companies spread all over the world play an active role in the protection, beautification and trade of all kinds of end products in Europe, USA, China and India outside Japan.

With 5 Research Institutes and 1 R&D Center, the Group is committed to the development and application of the highest technologies to meet the needs of customers today and in the future.